The Second Sundering


The campaign begins with the player characters finding themselves employed by one Captain Zile, a goblin from Kezan who pilots the dilapidated galleon Wave Cutter. He is not much more capable than his vessel. Zile was given a contract to clear away a tribe of murlocs from a tiny island three days southwest of Kezan. You, as one of those who were hired by Zile, do not know who he was employed by. You do know that he promised you 50gp; a hefty sum considering the job.

The Wave Cutter is crewed primarily by goblins and humans, though there a few individuals that stand out. Lystis Boltnose is a young goblin gunsmith who has shown on more than one occasion that she is extremely capable with both Betsy and Otsï, her blunderbuss and long rifle, respectively. Brother Brimley is a tuskarr paladin who was enamored with the Argent Crusade during the recent war against the Scourge in Northrend. Yith Nasan, the naga arcanist, has inexplicably chosen to work with goblins in order to further her own goals. And Wragnar, the recently “birthed” and still “growing” abomination, is attempting to find his place in the world. This often involves hitting things until they work.

The mercenaries assaulted the murloc’s tiny island, with no casualties on their side. Yith, however, did capture a murloc as prisoner for purposes that are still yet unknown. Though Yith hasn’t even bothered to ask the murloc’s name, the other crew members have named the creature “Waddles”. It isn’t hard to imagine why.


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